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D-Mart IPO and its promoter

I like reading profiles of successful individuals in Business field.  If that person is also successful in investing career, there is double bonus to read the profile.

Radhakrishan Damani (RK Damani) is the promoter of D-Mart (Avenue Supermarkets).  D-Mart is very popular is Mumbai and I have been to D-Mart couple of times when I visited Mumbai.  It is just like any other super market with 120 branches.  What sets is apart is their consistent profitability and growth.  I think it is partly due to its promoter, RK Damani, who is a very successful stock market investor before he ventured and started D-Mart.

RK Damani is one of the very respected names in Indian stock markets and he has successfully straddled different spheres of investing – from value investing to trading.  Now, his D-Mart IPO is coming up and the reclusive RK Damani now moves to the spotlight.

Recently MoneyControl has profiled him which I thought interesting.

Profile of RK Damani


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