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Running and Investing

Action speaks louder than words. Take charge of your investments.

I have been running regularly for the last 1 year and had to stop it some 40 days back for some health reasons.  Its been some 2 weeks since I wanted to restart my running but couldn’t actually pull myself and start it.  I wanted the Christmas to get over then told myself to start by 01st Jan but didn’t do it.
I knew that I need to run to keep myself fit and healthy, but there was something which was stopping me.  There was a great deal of hesitation, indecisiveness, lethargy and lack of motivation.
I mentally tuned myself and today morning I managed to get up on time and went on to the join my runners group.  I was breathless with the warming up session and felt tired, but I was determined not to let go today.
I started running slowly but steadily and I finished with 8 kms.  A credible distance coming out of a long layoff, I guess.  Its a small beginning but I am happy I have already begun the journey.  Beginning is already half the battle won.
I realized that to start (or in my case to restart) something you need to have lot of will power, focus, guidance and action.
Thinking about it, I sensed that investing is also similar for most of us.
As running is good for physical health, investing is good for financial health.  But most of the people I speak to or meet don’t have any regular investments.  Unfortunately, investing gets pushed to the bottom of the “to do” list for various reasons like lack of time, knowledge, discipline or focus.  Lot of money is left idle in Savings Bank account or Fixed deposits.
A simple monthly SIP is more than sufficient to start your investments and bring in the discipline.  Can you believe, a small SIP of Rs10,000 per month can create wealth of Rs2 crores over a 20 years period.
Get over the inertia and start right now.    If you think, you would be better off with an advisor guiding you, take the help of one.  He not only helps you to identify the suitable investment options, he nudges you, prompts you and pushes you to take actions.  Action speaks louder than words.
Lets start the New Year with new determination to take charge of our finances.  All great journeys start with a first step.  Take the first step now!
Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2015!!

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